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Fresh Evil

Posted by Trixter on January 30, 2006

One of my favorite places to eat around my workplace is a neat little place called Baja Fresh. It’s a texmex place that makes your orders from fresh ingredients (you can watch them preparing it, they’ll chop up a tomato then immediately put it on your food, etc.). Black bean burritos, nachos with grilled chicken, everything you can think of texmex is made fresh on the spot and it tastes wonderful.

Well, they’re evil. I’d like to think that I’m not completely ignorant regarding nutrition, but I used to think that, since everything was fresh and non-processed, it was really good for me, right? How can I possibly gain weight eating it? Lo and behold, I went to Baja Fresh’s website and looked up the nutritional information for my favorite Nachos, and sweet mother of crap it tops the scales at over 2000 calories! That’s more than I eat in a single day!

On hearing that, Melissa joked that I could probably eat more food, that was better for my weight, and cost less at Taco Bell — and even though she was joking, she’s right. Two soft tacos are 430 calories, according to their website. Hell, a chicken Gordita Supreme (sour cream, three cheeses) is only 290!

So now I’m left thinking how ironic this is: freshly-prepared, organic, chemical and preservative-free food at one place is bad for you, while friggin’ Taco Bell is better.

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Week #5

Posted by Trixter on January 29, 2006

Whether this is progress or scale variance is up to the reader:

  • 224.5 pounds
  • 31.5% body fat
  • Blood Pressure 145/82

The Red Robin Bleu Ribbon Burger I had last night (1250 calories) for Sam’s birthday dinner probably didn’t help :-) I think that exercise is around the corner because my blood pressure is getting worse, not better. Next week will probably be obvious (in terms of course of action to be taken).

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Inanimate Empathy

Posted by Trixter on January 28, 2006

My very first digital camera broke today: A Casio QV-3000EX, purchased in early 2001. The second 3-megapixel camera ever on the market, it took brilliant outdoor shots in automatic mode, and took generally stellar pictures if you knew how to use its manual settings (f-stop, apeture, shutter speed, and more). See for yourself; here are some shots taken in full automatic mode:

Lee and Alexis HaskellJohn, Sam, and Max Leonard

I took the time to learn a few things about amateur photography and how to use some of the manual settings, and it took some the best 3MP shots I’ve ever done:

Tree In FogChicago At Dusk1-minute chickKite in Sky

I loved this camera. I mean, I really got to know everything about it, what its strengths were, weaknesses, and more. when I put it in the trash, I felt like I was burying a friend.

And right now I’m thinking, why? Why am I personifying this camera like it’s a friend that I’ve lost? Why do we, as a society, project empathy onto inanimate objects like they’re people? Several times while writing this post, I wanted to use terms like “my camera gave up the ghost” or “it finally died”. I felt strongly enough about my first computer that I wrote fiction from its point of view. People call ships and planes “old girl” or even actual female pronouns like “old bessy” or “nellie”. It’s fascinating, and probably answered in a psychology book somewhere.

I’m going to replace it with a used model, probably off of ebay. I wonder if it will mean as much to me as the original did.

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I’m slipping

Posted by Trixter on January 27, 2006

Very very challenging day today (mentally), and I forgot my lunch, so I had enchaladas for lunch and some chocolate at 5pm. At least the enchaladas were completely obscured by vegetables, so hopefully I’m not slipping off the wagon too quickly.

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My first transgression

Posted by Trixter on January 27, 2006

Today was particularly difficult mentally, so I slipped when I got home: a sugary drink (Tang Sunny Delight), and two chocolate chip cookies (Melissa makes the best chocolate chip cookies from scratch so this one is easier to justify).  Probably put me over 2000 calories, so no weight loss today.  :-/

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I’ve been Dugg!

Posted by Trixter on January 24, 2006

One of my hacker-ish projects was featured on digg.com. It completely ripped my home network infrastructure asunder.

I will be moving my home network infrastructure to something a little more robust in the coming weeks. :-)

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I’m getting dumber with age

Posted by Trixter on January 23, 2006

When I was in grade school, my IQ was tested at 157. When I was in high school, I was tested at 123. Just now I tested my IQ and it came out to be 114. I’m getting dumber as I get older!

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Week #4

Posted by Trixter on January 22, 2006

I think I see a trend here:

  • 225.5 pounds
  • 33% body fat
  • Blood pressure 141/77

This is a 2.5 pound loss for the week, but a 2 percent increase in overall body fat percentage. I’m losing water (not necessarily a bad thing) but it also appears that I’m slowly losing muscle mass, which is a very bad thing.

I’m going to follow this road until I hit a plateau (or 8 weeks, whichever comes first), and then I’m going to start cross-training (for muscle mass) and running (for weight loss).

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World Champion

Posted by Trixter on January 21, 2006

I was talking to a demoscene aquaintance via IM tonight, and asked him what his avatar picture was. He said it was from Hat Trick Hero / Football Champ (Taito, 1990)… and also casually dropped the info that he was the world champion of that game, by a large margin. Which reminded me of my “World Champion” theory: I believe that everyone, everywhere, is World Champion of something, although they may never find out what in their lifetime. There are people who work very hard at something and achieve it, like Lance Armstrong, or are born with good genes and figure out the best way to exploit them through incredible practice and work, like Arnold Schwartzegger.

But what about the unknowns? Like the housewife who accompanies her husband to a shooting range and, on a complete whim, squeezes off a few shots and to everyone’s amazment she’s a crack shot with perfect aim… or like Jimi Hendrix, who did crazy unconventional stuff that the world may have never known if he hadn’t picked up a guitar. That’s the kind of stuff that fascinates me, and my friend was lucky enough to figure out what he was World Champion of. Bastard :-)

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The madness of nostalgia

Posted by Trixter on January 19, 2006

I recently butted heads with someone I had never met before yesterday and got into a heated argument over… CGA’s color index #6. Is it yellow or brown? The answer is brown (mostly), but more important than the stupid answer was how I acted with this person. Up until a few days ago, it had been a very long time since I had gotten into a Nerd Tempest over something so trivial and insignificant. Honestly, I’m glad I left that kind of behavior behind… although it has robbed me of some of my drive for my other projects.

What really bothers me is that, if we had met under different circumstances, I would have just loved this guy: He and I have the same passion for the same oldskool pc things, he’s just as knowledgable about CGA as I am, and the ultimate goal of both our hobbies is to preserve computing history. But because of this stupid nerd argument, I have the feeling he’s never going to give me the time of day again. I apologized, but he’s ignoring me. Such is life.

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