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My love/hate relationship with the demoscene

Posted by Trixter on September 1, 2007

I haven’t watched many modern demos in the last 10 years; I usually watch maybe 1 or 2 a year.¬† My demoscene friends are always shocked when I tell them that, given my past involvement with all things sceneish.¬† In fact, they’re always shocked, no matter how many times it comes up.¬† I’m going to try to explain why, briefly, and then hopefully either I will change, or it will never come up again.

In a nutshell, I feel shame and self-loathing when I watch modern Windows demos.¬†¬† Before that completely confuses you, I’ll hurriedly explain that I always regretted not having the time, skill, intelligence (my math has always been poor), and inclination to create Windows demos.¬† So when I watch one, I am reminded of how I have failed at that particular aspiration.¬† I have succeeded at others, but watching a 64K from Fairlight or Farbrausch just gets me depressed.¬† Yes, I’m screwed up.¬† The better and more impressive the demo/intro/4k is, the worse I feel.¬† I know it’s not rational.

So now you know.¬† This also conveniently explains why I have actually gone backwards in my democoding (I started out on 386+SB+VGA and my latest efforts are geared toward an 8088+PC speaker+CGA) instead of most people, who go forwards.¬† For example, I’m writing a small utility as a favor to a friend, but it needs to support long filenames in Windows XP and memory over 640K.¬† Regardless, I’m writing it in DOS, on the XT, because I feel safe and comfortable doing so.¬† Once it runs within the restrictions of DOS, I’m going to port the code over to WinXP and compile it with a WinXP compiler.

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