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The madness of nostalgia

Posted by Trixter on January 19, 2006

I recently butted heads with someone I had never met before yesterday and got into a heated argument over… CGA’s color index #6. Is it yellow or brown? The answer is brown (mostly), but more important than the stupid answer was how I acted with this person. Up until a few days ago, it had been a very long time since I had gotten into a Nerd Tempest over something so trivial and insignificant. Honestly, I’m glad I left that kind of behavior behind… although it has robbed me of some of my drive for my other projects.

What really bothers me is that, if we had met under different circumstances, I would have just loved this guy: He and I have the same passion for the same oldskool pc things, he’s just as knowledgable about CGA as I am, and the ultimate goal of both our hobbies is to preserve computing history. But because of this stupid nerd argument, I have the feeling he’s never going to give me the time of day again. I apologized, but he’s ignoring me. Such is life.

7 Responses to “The madness of nostalgia”

  1. Hey, I stuck around, even with the “what is a database” fight on our first night talking!

  2. Trixter said

    That is what seperates you from him, naturally :-) We were able to both break through our nerd egos and realize that, yes, this person is someone you should never lose track of.

  3. And we’re still pals despite the dispute about F-15 Strike Eagle’s earliest publication date. I just had to come to terms with the facts that I’m right and you’re wrong. Simple!

  4. Trixter said


    Someday, when my financial situation gets better, I will do my best to purchase the original, just so it can be put to rest.

  5. Well, for me it was less a case of breaking through Nerd Egos than realizing, like you might recall me WARNING YOU, that since we were obviously of the same personality type (beyond just generic “nerd”, but “archivist anal nerd from hell’), that inevitably that type of personality grabs onto a fact and then never gives ground once.

    So when it happened, it was like being told “Dude, she’s going to just dump you for your best friend”. The predicted happened and life keeps happening.

    Also, you’re cute.

  6. Trixter said

    Aw… you say the *sweetest* things.

  7. maximilion said

    Ahh… CGA. Remind me to put a Gateway Handbook 286 with it’s magical monochrome CGA screen on my wishlist :)

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