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My first transgression

Posted by Trixter on January 27, 2006

Today was particularly difficult mentally, so I slipped when I got home: a sugary drink (Tang Sunny Delight), and two chocolate chip cookies (Melissa makes the best chocolate chip cookies from scratch so this one is easier to justify).  Probably put me over 2000 calories, so no weight loss today.  :-/

3 Responses to “My first transgression”

  1. I think I asked this before in a different form.

    You’re working on a diet. I’m sure you’ve announced this to your family. In fact, you’re so concerned about it you admit your shame on a public forum and provide photographic evidence to back up your self-criticism.

    …and so your wife is baking cookies and bringing home fattening stuff? Dude.

    The first few months are so hard, so full of trying to break habits, work stuff out. It sounds like a lack of communication about your goals and intent; almost a “that crazy Jim, trying his diet thingy again, he deserves a cookie”.

  2. Trixter said

    There is truth to that, but I can’t explain it. We’re self-destructive people.

  3. Matt Hite said

    Yeah! A successful diet is going to require the cooperation and support of the whole family. You will need to remove the temptations if at all possible.

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