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Archive for January 14th, 2006

Kernel Seasons

Posted by Trixter on January 14, 2006

Note to other computer nerds trying to lose weight:  If it weren’t for Kernel Season’s Gourmet Popcorn Seasonings, I probably would have gained back all the weight I’ve lost by now.  Un-buttered no-oil hot-air popped popcorn goes from styrofoam to delicious using this stuff.

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Kursing Krispy Kreme

Posted by Trixter on January 14, 2006

Krispy Kreme is hell on earth for people who are dieting. Their stores are everywhere, a dozen glazed donuts is about $6.50 (relatively cheap, all things considering), and you get a free donut just for walking in the store. Melissa brought home a mixed dozen and I ate two of them. Dammit dammit dammit!

Usually I treat the weekend as a few days to be somewhat lax with my eating — I won’t hit McDonald’s or anything, but I will have kettle (sweetened) popcorn instead of just regular popcorn, or I’ll eat a bowl of cereal for breakfast instead of a slimfast shake, etc. But having those two donuts just threw me out of wack; it wasn’t even that enjoyable eating them (probably because I haven’t had that much sugar/fat since the first of the month).

One dozen glazed Krispy Kreme donuts is 2400 calories. So the 400 I ate may not seem like much, but it is when you’re trying to limit yourself to 1200-1500 a day and not collapse from malnutrition. Anyway, hopefully I was good enough throughout the week that it won’t affect the weigh-in tomorrow.

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