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Dev journal, day 18

Posted by Trixter on May 18, 2014

Dev journal, day 18

Why, this almost looks like a compiler.

3 Responses to “Dev journal, day 18”

  1. marciot42 said

    Pascal. Brings back memories.

    • Trixter said

      I maintain it is the best IDE for developing 16-bit real mode code on the hardware itself, since you can inline assembler, single-step with a symbolic debugger and watch register variables change, etc. It’s like an ASM IDE.

  2. marciot42 said

    I’m guessing an old copy of Turbo C would have the same features (inline assembly, debugger, IDE, etc).

    Anyhow, nothing wrong with Pascal, it’s just odd to see it now a days. I used to program in Pascal for the Mac a long time ago.

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