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Week #5

Posted by Trixter on January 29, 2006

Whether this is progress or scale variance is up to the reader:

  • 224.5 pounds
  • 31.5% body fat
  • Blood Pressure 145/82

The Red Robin Bleu Ribbon Burger I had last night (1250 calories) for Sam’s birthday dinner probably didn’t help :-) I think that exercise is around the corner because my blood pressure is getting worse, not better. Next week will probably be obvious (in terms of course of action to be taken).

5 Responses to “Week #5”

  1. Next time, go for the Red Robin Buffalo Style Clucks & Fries. Chicken, and you still get bleu cheese with it (I am guessing the Bleu Ribbon burger has bleu cheese).

  2. Trixter said

    Sounds tasty, but I’m not very tolerant of spicy stuff — I assume Buffalo = spicy, yes?

  3. Yep, it’s nicely spicy. If that’s not your thing try the standard Clucks & Fries, no Buffalo-style.

  4. dayvideo said

    Where do you get the measurement of 1250 calories for a Bleu Ribbon Burger? Interesting that in addition to sharing an appetite for those babies your Wt & BM are similar – and our desire to lose some of the weight, too. I’d allocated about 512 to this beast, but can believe the 1250 mark, too. Just my first week at counting calories.

    219.5 lb
    29% BM

  5. Trixter said

    dayvideo: Hey, we’re at exactly the same point in both pounds and BF. Freaky! As for where I got the calorie number, I’m pretty sure it was the “I never learned web design” Dotti’s Weight Loss Zone: http://www.dwlz.com/Restaurants/redrobin.html
    It lists in Weight Watchers points, which you can roughly calculate to be 50 calories a point. Bleu Ribbon on that page is 24, so that’s 1200.

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