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Week #2

Posted by Trixter on January 8, 2006

After 9 hours of sleep and the usual morning defecation, I took my measurements:

  • 231 pounds
  • 31.5% body fat
  • Blood pressure 141/79

4 pounds and 1% body fat improvement! It’s nice to see The Secret in action. Not bad for just one week, and that was without exercise.

I’m rewarding myself with a can of regular Pepsi and a slice of apple pie. Before you flip out, the pop’n’pie is 500 calories total; it won’t break the bank, and besides you have to give yourself little rewards or else you’ll just break down and eat the entire pie.

3 Responses to “Week #2”


  2. Trixter said

    Hey, it could have been a much nastier word. :-)

  3. Congratulations. I’m pleased that what I’m sure must be hard work is starting to pay off for you. Keep it up!

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