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A Sam and Max of my very own

Posted by Trixter on January 7, 2006

Okay, once and for all: No, I did not intentionally name my children Sam and Max after Steve Purcell’s excellent comic series (or the Lucasarts game). But I am glad it worked out that way :-)

In a few years, they’ll be old enough to play it — I can hardly wait!

2 Responses to “A Sam and Max of my very own”

  1. Sorry for mentioning it, you obviously get that a lot! Your boys are in for a rare old treat.

    I take it you’re aware that the guys at Telltale are working on a new Sam and Max title? I’m confident those guys can do a good job. I was lucky enough to be in touch with Dan Connors last year when I was writing a freelance piece on the future of point-and-click adventures for a UK magazine, and I really liked where he was coming from.

  2. This is one of those facts I will forget after 90-120 days and recount the other way again. On the other hand, “Sam and Max” is pretty obscure by most standards. If you’d named your kids Donnie and Marie, or Set and Match, then we’d have problems.

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