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Habit #2: Skipping Breakfast

Posted by Trixter on January 6, 2006

You would think that skipping a meal would be beneficial to losing weight. Unless you’re eating nine meals a day, you’d be horribly wrong. Skipping breakfast means that your blood sugar is low by lunchtime, and you’re ravenous, so you eat a giant meal. Quickly. So quickly, in fact, that you usually end up eating more than you really need to.

The solution is to eat something — anything — for breakfast, preferably something healthy. Me personally, I don’t have time, so I have a shake for breakfast (Carnation Instant Breakfast, Slimfast, etc.). They’re about 250 calories so they won’t break the bank. This way, I’m not dying by the time lunch rolls around, and I eat properly.

2 Responses to “Habit #2: Skipping Breakfast”

  1. I skip breakfast more often than not, and it’s something I know I have to change. More than that though, I don’t get nearly enough excercise. I think it might be time to emulate those fun-filled afternoons playing Paperboy on the Spectrum and grab myself a bike.

  2. I took a cooking class in junior high where the teacher one day queried the class about who routinely eats breakfast. 1/3 of the class did (including me); 2/3 of the class didn’t. There was absolutely no comprehension of the other side; I couldn’t understand how the non-breakfast-eaters could do it, and vice versa.

    I love breakfast. I have 7 or 8 different breakfasts that I rotate through.

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