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Where did Trixter come from?

Posted by Trixter on January 5, 2006

Seriously, where did my handle “Trixter” come from, anyway? I’ve had the handle since 1986, long before the rock group existed. Some people think it’s because I knew software piracy tricks (cracking games, or at least figuring out how to copy them leaving the protection intact). Others think it’s because I knew programming and VGA hardware tricks during my active stint in the demoscene. But, honestly, I was taking a subway into Chicago to buy comic books with some high school friends in 1985, and “TRIXTER” was spray-painted on the inside of the subway car. It stuck in my head, and I used it as my first BBS login handle. Anti-climactic, I know.

Now you know the truth… which is why I can’t let you live.

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