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Week #5

Posted by Trixter on January 31, 2007

What the hell:

  • weight: 233 lbs
  • body fat percentage: 29.0 %
  • health index: WTF fatty

These results anger me. I cheated slightly on Saturday and Sunday but there’s no way that, over the course of a week, I somehow ingested 7000 extra calories over my break-even intake. I did not gain two pounds in a single week. So, either my previous measurement was wrong, or this one is (although I did it three times and took the average). Hmph.

6 Responses to “Week #5”

  1. That’s part of the problem of continuous measurements – it gives you a very small sense of satisfaction, and conversely can provide a very unsettling feeling of “OMG how’d I gain two pounds in a week?!” (two pounds is well within the margin of error, by the way, unless you are exceedingly anal about how you measure and when).

    I suggest that you either refrain from weekly measurements or at least try and see them as they are: rather meaningless. It’s the monthly measurements that you should care about, and even then, only after two-three months can you actually expect to see any meaningful change. The problem with diets is that they can take an awfully long time to really kick in, but as I said before, once they do – you feel on top of the world. You’ll see what I mean in a month or so :-)

  2. Chris said

    Or, instead, take more measurements. I do so every day, but only look at the moving average to see how things are going.

  3. patrick52 said

    Hey. Just look at the people who don’t need to diet, count calories, and take measurements. Do what they do.

  4. Tim Booth said

    I’m with Tomer.. you’ve got to lighten up on the continual measurements because it will just get you frustrated & depressed which you don’t need. Stick to monthly measurements.

  5. Throw away your scale. Seriously. Take their monthly-weighing advice. I started my workout program five months ago and weighed myself for the first time yesterday, and I felt a lot better than if I had been weighing myself more constantly.

    Also keep in mind that most people gain weight because they’re gaining muscle mass. Focus on the body fat percentage rather than weight.

  6. Yep, I agree with takingstairs post…throw away your scale. Instead start to record how you feel, how your clothes fit, how you are sleeping and the energy you are gaining. Weight loss goes hand in hand with an enjoyable lifestyle.


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