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Step 2: Light Exercise

Posted by Trixter on February 1, 2008

As I wrote before in 12-step program, I’m going to try to change my lifestyle to become more healthy and fit. While weight loss will inevitably ensue, it is not the focus of this change. I am reiterating the “not about weight loss” angle because February is the month of “light exercise”, and most people equate “exercise” with “weight loss”. I want to exercise just a little bit each day, like 15 or 30 minutes in front of Yourself! Fitness, or sometimes just by taking a walk or shoveling snow.  Nothing crazy.

I chose Light Exercise because I’m starting to stress about my Block Party commitments. I am not writing this to make any certain parties feel guilty; I am writing it because it is the truth. The last thing I need is to stress over things that are fun, so the exercise should help with that.

How did Step 1: Detox work out last month? The goal was to “stop eating pure shit”. Sadly, this fell apart about the 10th day. While I no longer stuff Ding Dongs into my face, I am still doing the occasional Taco Bell run, so I’m afraid I have to mark January’s habit-building exercise as a failure.

5 Responses to “Step 2: Light Exercise”

  1. spoulson said

    Wait, what’s wrong with TB? There’s veggies in there!

  2. spoulson said

    Wait, what’s wrong with TB? There’s veggies in there!

  3. Trixter said

    Veggies, yes, but they are overwhelmed in numbers by melted synthetic cheese…

  4. LateBlt said

    Melted synthetic cheese is not inherently unhealthy.

    Fast food gets a bad rep because it tends to be calorie-rich. However, calories are a necessary part of any diet. If you didn’t eat calories, you’d die. Eating fast food for three meals a day might be excessive, but if you do it occasionally, there is nothing wrong with an infusion of calories.

    I actually find that because of its high calorie content, eating fast food actually helps me eat less. I can quite comfortably live on two meals a day. I don’t really see why that should be unhealthy; as long as it’s done in moderation, it balances out fairly well.

  5. Trixter said

    I think the problem with only two meals a day is that is screws with your metabolism. There’s a feedback loop somewhere, like being lethargic because of the heavy meal, which leads to storing more of what you ate as fat, etc. I don’t recall the specifics, but I do know that most dietitians recommend 5 or more little meals a day to keep the metabolism going.

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