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I’m full?

Posted by Trixter on January 13, 2007

So a secret part of my weight-loss plan was to have something to look forward to — nearline, not far. I know the ultimate goal is looking and feeling better, but that’s hard to justify when you pass by some donated goodies in the office or are invited out to the Bust-a-Gut Cafe for lunch. So, much like Weight Watchers allows 35 extra points per week, I’ve been saving up Saturday as a day of sin. I figure from 9am to 9pm Saturday I can eat whatever I want, and stick to 1500 calories the other six days like I’ve been doing. My body can absorb only so much, so even if I cram 10,000 calories into my gaping maw on Saturday, most of it is going to come out the pooper.

So here I am, it’s Saturday, and I’ve got two apple fritters next to me. I eat one… and I’m full. I swear, I feel like I’m going to make myself sick if I try to eat the second one.

Yesterday, I built myself a salad so large it needed a bigger bowl. And I couldn’t finish that either (although I did my best).

Can stomachs shrink?

3 Responses to “I’m full?”

  1. They can, and they do. The best part of the process of losing weight is that, suddenly, you realize you’re not quite hungry anymore. It’s a slow and lengthy process, but it’s a reward in its own.

    Back when I was in the army and got fed up with my weight, I started going to the gym twice or thrice a week and running on the stepper. I was in such poor shape I started out with the goal of running for 5 minutes straight; when I managed this (fairly quickly, at that) I started doing it for longer and longer times. I didn’t realize that I was actually improving until the point where I ran 5km straight – for a guy who could never finish the 2km run in school (or even half thereof) this was an amazing revelation.

    I guess my message to you is to simply keep it up and take it easy – you do this gradually, you just keep going and eventually you’ll find yourself where you want to be. It’s the best feeling in the world.

  2. Trixter said

    That’s great advice. And I’m glad to hear you’re out of the army :-)

  3. Oh, been out for ages (i.e. just over two years). Good riddance.

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