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October of Horror #25: Society (1989)

Posted by Trixter on October 29, 2018

(For an explanation of what these posts in October are, see the parent post.)


An affluent son starts to suspect that his parents, and maybe his entire life, are not what they seem.


Holy geebus, this movie 100% embodies the WHAT DID I JUST WATCH meme.  It’s a paranoia-induced mystery where a rich teen keeps seeing odd things out of the corner of his eye, notices people acting strangely, and can’t figure out what is real and what isn’t.  And for the first two thirds of the movie, it held my attention based on that alone.

(spoiler alert)

And then, the movie descends into a body horror fever dream the likes of which I’ve never seen.  It puts From Beyond to shame, and gives Reanimator a run for its money.  It goes into utterly bananas territory with an equally bananas victory for the hero.

Does this make it bad?  No, it truly kept me guessing and delivered the promised shocks.  The actors did a fine job, the effects were good where they needed to be and cheesy when it was warranted, and the director did a fine job for his debut.  I’m glad I saw it — but can I recommend it?


Society is unapologetically a body horror film, so if you are grossed out by that, do not watch.  But if you want to see something you’ve never seen before, and can handle the (bloodless!) gore, check it out.

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