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October of Horror #19: Bordello of Blood (1996)

Posted by Trixter on October 24, 2018

(For an explanation of what these posts in October are, see the parent post.)


A private investigator stumbles into a plot by vampires to lure victims to their deaths by posing as a brothel.


Going into this, I had unreasonably high expectations:  It’s a horror comedy, starring Dennis Miller (whose political beliefs I disagree with, but have always found funny), Erika Eleniak, and some actors in ironic reversal roles, such as Corey Feldman (who plays the opposite of a Lost Boys vampire hunter) and Chris Sarandon (who plays an evangelical preacher instead of a Fright Night vampire).

With my expectations set so high, it took a long time for them to wear down, and they never got down to any level of disappointment.  I’ll say it:  I had a fun time watching it and I’m glad I did.  There’s nothing truly special in it, but it had a certain charm, as it doesn’t take itself seriously at all.


What I enjoyed way, way more was the featurette Tainted Blood: The Making of Bordello of Blood.  Holy crap — The process of making the film was just as interesting as the actual film!  Stars who were divas and assholes, extremely questionable producer choices, pleas for help from a relief special effects team, and more.  And throughout it all, Corey Feldman weaves a thread of trying to reach out to other actors to make the set a fun place, only to get denied at every turn.  It’s a miracle the film turned out as well as it did.


If you like comedy and naked women in your horror, you could do a lot worse.

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