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October of Horror #9: Infection (2004)

Posted by Trixter on October 9, 2018

(For an explanation of what these posts in October are, see the parent post.)


Doctors and nurses become infected with a terrifying disease after the death of a patient under their care.


One of the six J-Horror Theater films, Infection (original title: Kansen) delivers everything you would expect from a Japanese horror film.  Until the end of the film, you are constantly guessing if what is going on is a zombie virus, mass psychosis, the work of spirits, and who knows what else.  It grows at a steady pace.

One description online likened the film to something like an X-Files episode, and I think that’s partially true.


If you like slowly foreboding horror, Japanese horror, slowly-evolving stories, etc. then you’ll enjoy the film.  If you require more jump scares and special effects in your horror, you may want to skip it.

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