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October of Horror #23: Zombie High (1987)

Posted by Trixter on October 28, 2018

(For an explanation of what these posts in October are, see the parent post.)


Students at a prestigious boarding school start to suspect something nefarious is going on as they their friends’ personalities change into perfect students.


If I had to summarize the film in a single sentence, it would be “Invasion of the Body Snatchers for teens.”  And that’s pretty much what it is — friends of the main characters either disappear or change into unrecognizable people, and the main members of the school board know more than they’re letting on.

The film is notable as an early major role for Virginia Madsen, and also stars Paul Feig in a bit part serving comedy relief.  Unfortunately, there’s just not much for either of them to do:  There’s not enough scares, things move slowly, and you start to recognize padding.


It’s merely ok.  I can’t really recommend it.  I feel Feig is a better actor than director (I have enjoyed exactly 1 of the films he’s directed) so if you like Feig and want to see him acting, you could do worse than Zombie High.

If you want a decent horror film starring Virginia Madsen, see the much better Candyman instead.

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