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Optimizing for the 8088 and 8086 CPU, Part 3: A Case Study In Speed

Posted by Trixter on January 18, 2013

In this final part of 8088 optimization posts, I present a case study for 8088 optimization. Specifically, I’ll cover a problem that I needed to solve, how I solved it, how long it took to optimize my solution for 8088, and what the performance benefit was from that optimization.

For the TL;DR crowd who will likely skip to the end of the article: Through clever 8088 optimization and a thorough understanding of our problem, a decompression routine was created that not only beats all known methods previously created for 8088, but can actually exceed the speed of a memcopy given the right input. But to see how this was achieved, you’ll have to grab a snack and settle down for 10 minutes.

Now, on with our case study.

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