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Showing promise

Posted by Trixter on July 15, 2008

Today was Fitness Score day on the Precor treadmill, and it surprised me:

  • Fitness Score: 30 (Change: +6, Cumulative change: +6, Medium fitness starts at 35)
  • Weight: 238 lbs (Change: 0, Cumulative change: 0)
  • Body Fat: 27% (Change: -1%, Cumulative change: -1%)

After only one week of walking on the treadmill at 3mph (medium walking speed) on the “hills” setting (incline raises and lowers) for an average of 25 minutes a day, already I see great improvement.  Not to my weight — I’m not completely concerned about that — but my fitness score shot way up and I lost a percentage of my weight in body fat.

I don’t want to get too optimistic yet, though.  According to the treadmill, I still technically died a few days ago.

3 Responses to “Showing promise”

  1. zpinzane said

    That’s good stuff. I’m no fitness expert, but I was amazed at how fast my legs gained muscle mass and definition just by adopting a 30-45minute a day walking routine. I need to get back to doing that I think…

    Also, sounds like you have a cool treadmill. Got any plans for other activities aside from walking? In the future of course.

  2. Trixter said

    Because I’m a sucker for computer-aided fitness, after I hit a “medium” fitness score on the treadmill I’m going to alternate running with Yourself! Fitness.

  3. lisp_hacker said

    Way to go – keep it up, and let us know how you do next week.

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