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No love for the IBM PC

Posted by Trixter on January 9, 2013

I’ve always wondered why the IBM PC never really gained a massive retro following that the Apple II, C64, Amiga, etc. have. There was the half-assed birth of the Abandonware movement, but otherwise nothing. Where are the podcasts dedicated to old PC hardware and games? I only know of two worth watching. Where are the Kansasfests and ECCCs for the IBM PC and old compatibles? Where are the cycle-exact emulators (PCem comes very close) and pixel-clock-accurate video emulation that other platforms enjoy?  And, other than the wonderful and excellent Vintage Computer Forum, where are the forums?

I think it’s because the PC won the home computer wars. All of the other retro revivals are for platforms that most definitely ended; the PC just stayed relevant and, today, is what everyone has on their desks. Even Mac desktops run Intel hardware. So the IBM PC never really went away, and you can’t revive something that never really died.

I think the classic Mac “scene” had/has the same problem. I haven’t seen any retroware emulation compilations with classic B&W Mac software that exist for other platforms.

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