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Demographics and horses

Posted by Trixter on July 8, 2008

The MindCandy crew released the Volume 1 featurette Demographics: Behind the Scene to the public with a Creative Commons license this weekend. Enjoy, and spread the word.

I was in charge of processing, encoding, and uploading the video, and not coincidentally there is a lot of footage of me in the featurette, which I had to look at while processing. That footage was shot in 2002; almost exactly six years later I found myself staring at 31-yr-old me and wondering what god I must have pissed off to get so much neck fat since then. Also in the footage, at the end, is an outtake where Jeremy had me walk on a treadmill for no reason whatsoever. (I bought a nice Precor M9.25i with Internet Bubble Stock money back in 1998.)

Seeing it in the footage, I was reminded that it has a Fitness Test mode to be used with a heart monitor (I have one) and I realized that in the decade I’ve owned it I’ve never once tried the fitness test! So I dragged it out in front of the TV and took the test. I also decided to weigh myself and take a body fat percentage just so I can say that I’ve measured my baseline this year. Let’s see where 37-yr-old Trixter is at:

  • Fitness Score: 24 (Low Fitness — Medium Fitness starts at 35!)
  • Weight: 238 lbs
  • Body Fat: 28%

According to the fitness test and the above measurements, I died a few months ago. So I’m going to run on the thing every day, breaking a sweat, and will take the fitness test every week to see if I’m improving. Must… get… back up on the horse!

Or collapse and die. If the weblog entries stop, call for help!

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