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Utterly random observations

Posted by Trixter on June 23, 2008

I had to kill a mouse this morning before leaving for work; our young male cat catches things outside and brings them inside, and must have forgotten to deal with this one.  It was a young, small mouse, and it was really fast; I did my best to try to trap him such that I could grab his tail and remove him while still alive, but after almost losing him several times I just had to end it quickly to prevent him from entering the bowels of the house.  I am still saddened by this hours later, and I wonder why.  We kill insects and plants daily, sometimes without knowing it; this doesn’t trouble me, but killing a mammal does?  We have the largest cattle rendering industry in the world and yet I am bothered by killing a mouse.  What a screwy society.

George Carlin died today.  This is unrelated to the above discussion, I assure you.

I have reached an epiphany regarding weight loss:  I think it’s truly time to start losing weight when the distance of your belly from your waist exceeds the length of your junk.  (Applicable to men only, of course — I have no idea what the corresponding metric would be for women.)

Despite the above ruminations, I am not depressed.  Just introspective.

2 Responses to “Utterly random observations”

  1. ninth said

    women is easy: breasts!

  2. djpmom said

    Mice are small, helpless, cute, and ultimately associated with cartoons. Cattle do not appeal :) However, a mouse loose in your house will quickly multiply (somehow, all by themselves!), leave poop in the silverware drawer, chew through food, furniture, cupboards, computer wires (!). You did the right thing!

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