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Faded memories

Posted by Trixter on June 23, 2008

No, I mean it — quite literally faded.  Check out the photo I found at the bottom of a box I was going to throw away:

WTF is that?  Some scanning and retouching later, and what do we see?

Why, it’s 12-year-old Trixter, petting the family pet, a gray Netherland Dwarf rabbit called Snicker.  How the hell did that get in the bottom of a box of software?  Oh, wait, never mind.

I still threw it away, but hey, I hadn’t thought of that rabbit in two decades.  Thanks horribly-faded silver nitrate!

2 Responses to “Faded memories”

  1. JasonT said

    Actually it kind of looks like you’re knitting :)

  2. zpinzane said

    When you see it, you’ll sh*t bricks!

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