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Step 1: Detox

Posted by Trixter on January 1, 2008

As I wrote before in 12-step program, I’m going to try to change my lifestyle to become more healthy and fit. While weight loss will inevitably ensue, it is not the focus of this change. I’ve yo-yo’d between a high and low of 30 pounds in the last four years, and it’s starting to wear me down. Half the days of the week I walk around in general malaise. Time to change.

Every step will take a month, because some smart person ran some smart study that found it takes about 20 days to establish a new habit. I’m going to attempt one habit at a time. Nice and slow.

The month of January is step 1: Detox. By “detox”, I really mean “stop eating pure shit”. With the exception of carbonated drinks (don’t worry, that’s a later step), I’m going to try to stay away from food that was prepared or treated with chemicals; I’m going to only eat food that I either prepare myself, or that I can watch being prepared (ie. a sandwich). I know this may paint me as some sort of organic “whole foods” vegan nutcase, but it’s not that at all; I’m still going to eat burgers and the like but this time I’m going to make them myself out of raw ingredients so that I can maximize my food-to-chemicals ratio. No more chips, candy bars, or cookies; no more frozen meals or appetizers (which I sometimes inhale as meals). This also means most fast food is out, which means I must bid adieu to my good friends McDonald’s and Taco Bell. We’ve had good times, but I’m afraid the love is gone. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Lack of snacks are going to be tough, but luckily I have my old popcorn tricks to tide me over. And pop, for now.

6 Responses to “Step 1: Detox”

  1. Accatone said

    I hope this step-by-step program goes well for you, Trixter. I also think that it’s a wise decision when we consider the study you’ve mentioned.

    I just cannot believe how this fast food junk became so wide spread. Since everything becomes so fast, I guess we no longer need to eat regular food, right? Why? Waste of time?! I don’t know. I also hate the saying, “Time’s money”! It’s just awful. I always turn to poetry when I have heard such inexcusable presumption! Groucho Marx says, “I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.”

    hito iyashiku / ran no atai o / ronji keri

    Men are disgusting.
    They argue over
    The price of orchids.
    (Masaoka Shiki – Translation by Alex Kerr)

  2. spoulson said

    Excellent. A doctor once explained to me that, in addition to your log, that it’s important to avoid foods made with artificial preservatives like MSG (Mono Sodium Glutamate) or Sorbitol. If you see either in the ingredients, put it down and get something else. Among other things, these preservatives are indirectly responsible for weight gain.

    Good luck!

  3. Itsme said

    Funny. I am trying todo basically the same thing. It works. Energy has risen a lot lately. But its imo hard to from habits for creative people? Good luck. Like you blog. bye.

  4. Kwyjor said

    Bah, “chemicals”! Botulinum toxin is all-natural and it’s hard to find anything more poisonous than that. Don’t get me started.

    It doesn’t matter what wonderful natural products you use in them – if you want to lose weight, stop eating hamburgers.

  5. Trixter said

    As I previously mentioned, the primary goal is to feel better, not lose weight. But thanks for the tip (note: I have already stopped eating hamburgers :)

  6. This generation has been raised on fast food so that’s all they know.
    We have become conditioned to just grabbing what’s quick because as you know once the hunger pangs start if we don’t eat right away we will just die. Sorry but as my boss said many times with kids it’s not a crime to be hungry. We just need to learn from scratch it seems how to make healthy choices. I see people a work grabbing a large chocolate milk and cookies for snack or coke and fries at lunch and you can just guess what they look like. I have to admit it is very tough to be disciplined with food intake as every corner has a convience store just waiting to satisfy our needs.

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