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Small setback

Posted by Trixter on January 20, 2008

The 5160 (PC/XT) has gotten significant use this weekend; not only was I finishing up the design docs for BeeperTracker (which Jason Scott is heavily lobbying to rename MONOTONE, which will ultimately prove successful), but Max was bored and we spent time playing old games on it.  Unfortunately for me, the use was significant enough that the keyboard’s spacebar stopped working.  Normally I’d whip out another one and keep going, but this was, in fact, my last 83-key keyboard that had a functioning spacebar.  I pried all of the keys off and cleaned out all of the gunk… only to find that the spacebar doesn’t go back on the way it came off, as there are two metal prongs that need to fit into holes.

I’m terrified of taking the plate off of the back (buckling springs everywhere!) so I’ve asked the Classic Computer Mailing List for a more official way to repair it.  Until then, I’ll be playing Half-Life: Episode 2.

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