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Week #7 – Blood Pressure

Posted by Trixter on February 13, 2006

Normally I take my blood pressure on Monday using a machine at the office, and then edit it into Sunday’s measurement post so I can keep the measurements together. But I got a shock when I took my blood pressure today:

  • Blood pressure 117/75

I didn’t believe it, so I took it again, and got a similar result. Took off my sweater, did it a third time — similar result.

So what happened? How did I go from Hypertension Stage 1 (last week’s 135/79) to Normal (117/75) in a single week? The only thing that changed that I can think of is that I exercised last night — for a grand total of 10 minutes joking around with Melissa during her actual workout. 10 minutes.

That can’t possibly be it, right? That’s the only thing different between last week and this week!

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