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Dev journal, day 14

Posted by Trixter on May 14, 2014

1E            PUSH    DS
0E            PUSH    CS
1F            POP     DS
B800B8        MOV     AX,B800
8EC0          MOV     ES,AX
FC            CLD

4 Responses to “Dev journal, day 14”

  1. I guess you’re going to increment SI BEFORE MOVSWing your data? Otherwise you’re quite out of bounds of the CGA segment :P.

    • Trixter said

      I think you’re confusing SI with DI. But don’t worry, SI isn’t really FFFF either; it’s patched runtime by the compiler.

      • Yes, indeed I WAS confusing the two. I must be misunderstanding the context of the code, but from what I gathered, you’re about to do a write to the CGA segment.

        Curious why the compiler’s runtime included that mov to SI though if it doesn’t do anything.

        • Oh nevermind, I get what you’re saying now, ignore my second paragraph. SI’s real value isn’t determined until runtime as in “time to execute code”; I was thinking “runtime” as in the “C runtime library routines”.

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