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PixelJam @ NOTACON

Posted by Trixter on April 14, 2011

This weekend I will be at one of three (!) scheduled North American demoparties, PixelJam hosted at NOTACON.  Feel free to stop by the demoroom and say hi.

No entries for me this year, as my sole agenda for the party is to finish MindCandy 3, as Phoenix will be there as well.

3 Responses to “PixelJam @ NOTACON”

  1. Alexandre said

    Hello Trixter,

    Where is the Mindcandy 3? I´m waiting for a long time…
    Please send more news about.

    Best R.
    Alexandre from Brazil.

    • Trixter said

      About 6-8 weeks. The blu-ray is finished minus subtitles, so we are trying to subtitle all 4 hours of main content (the remaining 10 hours of NVScene talks will not be subtitled, sorry, it’s too much work and would delay MC3 at least a month more). I hope we’ll be done with this subtitling in the next two weeks, and then we test for another two weeks, and then it’s off to production (finally!)

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