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Posted by Trixter on April 16, 2010

Signs that it might be time to look into fluoxetine or suitable derivative:

  • You spend hours playing Monopoly Party (xbox) until you can beat it with all AI players set to maximum difficulty
  • Food no longer tastes good
  • You consume an entire box of ho-hos in one day (see previous note)
  • You lack the drive to work on hobbies
  • You lack the drive to work on anything
  • You hit “refresh” on your empty RSS feed aggregator with the frequency of a lab rat requesting a pellet
  • The Sugarcubes¬† keep coming into rotation on your ipod shuffle

And yet I fear I may lose the ability to hyperfocus, which is one of my primary advantages over those around me.¬† One might say it’s my only (un)fair advantage.

Damn good thing I don’t like alcohol.¬† And that a three-day weekend is coming up.

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