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Collecting and Programming

Posted by Trixter on May 25, 2008

Just a quick note that Slashdot posted a main-page post about software collecting, one of my oldest hobbies.  I personally weighed in, of course.

For those not following MONOTONE, I released another alpha yesterday with Adlib support and more effects.  Still not finished, but it’s starting to become usable and interesting now :)

3 Responses to “Collecting and Programming”

  1. asciigod said

    It’s interesting that you note the eBay market for collectible software dried up around 2005. That’s about when I stopped selling collectible software there. Completely unrelated, but interesting. I’m actually sitting on a huge truckload of games to unload as I just moved and want them gone. I’m hoping you’re not 100% correct about the market being dead. :)

    Btw, why do you think that is? Wider availability of emulated re-releases (at least for console stuff)? I have nowhere near your expertise on this.

    And I vaguely recall selling a copy of Kilrathi saga. :) Those were good times when that was my sole income.

  2. There’s also the cyclical nature of nostalgia. One generation of kids reaches a certain age when they realize that they’re grown up. Then they desperately start to hunt down reminders of their youth. Eventually, they collectively grow out of that nostalgia phase and accept their roles as full-fledged adults. That’s when the nostalgia market dries up.

    Or maybe I’m just talking about my own personal experience. :-)

  3. Tilfeldig gjest said

    I’m playing old games because I don’t like new and fancy 3D-super-natural graphics.

    For me, gameplay is the most imporiant thing, I really don’t care about graphics.

    I really can’t stand games that concentrate more on graphics than gameplay. Gameplay should be at least as good as the graphics in my option.

    That’s why I spendt 40$ on an Atari Lynx II with Chips Challenge (my favorite game :D ).

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