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Trixter’s wild compo entry — now with motion!

Posted by Trixter on April 10, 2008

Big BIG thanks to yesso and virt for the sample songs.

This clip thankfully cuts out the first time I tried to demonstrate it, in which I give a nice speech and then the projector wouldn’t display anything at all. I later got the CGA monitor while the compo was moving, hooked it up, and NOW the project synced up to the composite signal and worked. Hm.

For those who hate flash, you can get the raw MPEG-4 file of the performance.

If you have an hour to waste, the presentation I gave is available (warning: mpeg-1/mpeg-4/flash derivatives probably won’t be ready until 6 hours from now).

One Response to “Trixter’s wild compo entry — now with motion!”

  1. zpinzane said

    God, ANSI is beautiful on a 300 foot IMAX screen. Also, I was sitting way over in the furthest corner from the door (where there were electrical sockets, and hence lots of coders camped out). It’s nice to see camera footage from inside the thick of things. It really presents the crowd’s reaction to your demonstration into the spectacle it deserves.

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