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Step 2: Light Exercise

Posted by Trixter on February 1, 2008

As I wrote before in 12-step program, I’m going to try to change my lifestyle to become more healthy and fit. While weight loss will inevitably ensue, it is not the focus of this change. I am reiterating the “not about weight loss” angle because February is the month of “light exercise”, and most people equate “exercise” with “weight loss”. I want to exercise just a little bit each day, like 15 or 30 minutes in front of Yourself! Fitness, or sometimes just by taking a walk or shoveling snow.  Nothing crazy.

I chose Light Exercise because I’m starting to stress about my Block Party commitments. I am not writing this to make any certain parties feel guilty; I am writing it because it is the truth. The last thing I need is to stress over things that are fun, so the exercise should help with that.

How did Step 1: Detox work out last month? The goal was to “stop eating pure shit”. Sadly, this fell apart about the 10th day. While I no longer stuff Ding Dongs into my face, I am still doing the occasional Taco Bell run, so I’m afraid I have to mark January’s habit-building exercise as a failure.

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