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Still off the grid

Posted by Trixter on July 23, 2007

By this point I’m sure my friends and family are urging me to just forget trying to restore my old machine and just reinstall and start over.  I’m still working on restoration.  Why?

Because I spent over a year rating much of my 10,000 song library in itunes, and that information is not properly backed up.  I figure 2+ weeks of lost time is worth it to save 50+ weeks.

3 Responses to “Still off the grid”

  1. Jeremy said

    Aren’t those ratings stored in the MP3 files?

  2. Trixter said

    No, they’re in the iTunes database, unfortunately.

  3. Trixter said

    I was able to rescue the itunes database. Unfortunately an export to .xml does you no good because YOU CAN’T REIMPORT FROM .XML. In fact, you can’t reimport from ANY source. Damn iTunes.

    I ended up restoring the .idb and other files from backup, then changing the location of my library via the setup. So far, seems to work…

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