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Mom and dad I love you boath

Posted by Trixter on July 8, 2007

My son just sent his first email without any of us helping him.  Thanks to the wonderful world of spare parts, he has a computer in his bedroom, connected to the ‘net over the wireless LAN.  I set up email for him, showed him how to do it, then walked him through a few messages to his grandparents.

Completely unsolicited, hours later when he was supposed to be putting himself to bed, I received the above.  “Mom and dad   I love you boath”.  Needless to say, it brought a tear to my eye (even if he was avoiding going to bed).

Max is seven years old.  He can communicate to any other machine on the internet and search the knowledge of one million libraries in a few seconds.  He wears a device no larger than a few chiclets that plays music for 14+ hours.

No wonder they say kids are growing up faster.  I think it’s obvious they are.

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