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Block Party: Transportation

Posted by Trixter on May 1, 2007

I drove from Chicagoland to Cleveland, OH for Block Party. Necros flew. We both arrived at the same time because of the weather. So which was cheaper?

A plane ticket, priced via priceline 2 months in advance, is about $133. My costs were $129 in gas + oil change before heading out. So I win, right?

Wrong. On the way home, I locked my keys in the car at a rest stop. Cost to have the car jimmied open? $45.

Yeah, I’ll be flying next time.

11 Responses to “Block Party: Transportation”

  1. andrew said

    actually did i mention my flight was only $119 round trip?

    (then again i did spend 4 hours in midway airport due to BS air traffic control delays…)

    i do recommend the flying, though, if you’re not carting around that XT next year

  2. Bah, road tripping is the way to go! Though not so much solo :(.
    Oh and I’ll bet you can’t render 100 flat cubes on a PC AT in EGA! *wink*

  3. Technically, your flight was free! And so would have been Trixter’s.

  4. Trixter said

    Lessons learned for next time :-)

    And as for 100 flat cubes on a PC AT with EGA — piece of cake! Except I am targeting an XT with CGA. Now, can I do it? You’ll have to see next year…

  5. andrew said


  6. andrew said

    (doh that was cooler with all the HTML around it)

    ((it’s a subliminal message))

  7. Trixter said

    Hint taken! But remember, it’s not SPEAKER TRACKER but instead IT SINGLE CHANNEL PLAYER.

    Not working on it yet, but thinking about it…

  8. Brolin Empey said

    What car do you have? A VW New Beetle, for example, is designed to prevent the driver from being able to lock their keys in the car. I think most other new VWs are the same.

  9. Trixter said

    This is true. Sadly I don’t own a car like that :)

  10. Brolin Empey said

    So, what car *do* you have? :P

  11. Trixter said

    Personally, my car is a 14-yr-old Ford Escort stationwagon. Yes, I am stylin’! But I took my wife’s minivan to/from the party because it had cruise control.

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