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Block Party: Hops!

Posted by Trixter on April 30, 2007

So here’s the deal with the Hops! inside joke.

As Phoenix reported, Necros, Phoenix, The Finn, and Inspired Chaos drank beer and chilled for a few hours, after which it seemed like a good idea at the time to create a beertro. They came back to the Block Party lounge and started to work on it. The high point of this was Inspired Chaos screaming “Water! Yeast! Sugar! Hops!” into a microphone as samples for the tune. All standard practice, I’m sure, except that at one point he wasn’t happy with his rendition of “Hops!” and decided to record multiple renditions of it. After 30 seconds of “Hops. Hops! Hops? Hops!! HOPS!!” etc. the entire room started to crack up, and it cracked up again when Necros started adding reverb/echo to it (“HOPS Hops hops…”).

They didn’t finish, but Necros made the mistake of giving the unfinished tune to Phoenix, who made it presentable and submitted it to the music compo where it amazingly didn’t come in last place :)

7 Responses to “Block Party: Hops!”

  1. phoenix said

    “made it presentable”? i didn’t touch it, that was his result after 20 minutes or so of tracking. :) i needed it for the demo of course.. but he slept in so late the day after so.. call it a practical joke. i was surprised they even accepted it. :)

  2. Of course, I’m glad you did! Otherwise, the secret ingredients of beer may have been lost to the ages! ;)))

  3. Oh and it’s MAWLT! WUHTAR! HAAWPSS! and YEASST !

  4. HOPS!

  5. xarph said

    where can I get this beertro :o

  6. Trixter said

    Beertro was never finished but the tune should be on scene.org soon enough.

  7. dilvie said

    Finish Beertro. That is all.

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