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Block Party: The rebirth of the True Real Wild

Posted by Trixter on April 30, 2007

These days, a wild compo usually means “animation”, and “real wild” means “any demo on any hardware”.  I miss the true real wild compos, where you could get up and sing, rap,

Well, the True Real Wild compo surfaced at Block Party and it was great.  We had a demos, sure, like a great TI-85 calculator demo, but other wild compo entries included:

  • Someone playing through the first level of Gradius without being able to see his player or missle sprites
  • The mention of a tool to help compose music for 4K intros
  • Home-brewed beer (!)

…etc.  That’s what I like to see.  Since the first inspirations of nerdcore came from true wild compos, I’d like to see them back in major competitions.  Oh well, yet another thing Block Party hit a home run on :-)

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