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Block Party: I’m back

Posted by Trixter on April 29, 2007

Block Party was Jason Scott’s attempt to single-handedly re-jumpstart the North American demoscene and simultaneously introduce it to 200+ creative hackers at NOTACON.  It was a smashing success and I’m going to post daily about it until I can’t remember any more.

Unfortunately for me, the presentation I gave was rife with technical difficulties. The previous presenter took 59 minutes for his presentation so I had no time for setup and wasted 15 minutes of the audience’s time jury-rigging something together.  Then 7 minutes in, the fucking power went out (NOT MY FAULT) and it was only me and my laptop on battery power.  That was enough to talk for ten minutes, but during that time there was no audio recorded.  There was also no audio recorded for the audience questions…  So, I’ll be spending a few hours days trying to edit together a watchable video for my friends and folks.

That was the only sore point, honestly. The rest of the 99% rocked the house and, while it’s nowhere near euro turnout numbers, the social and quality turnout was exceedingly saturated.  Hops!

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