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Completing the trilogy

Posted by Trixter on April 1, 2007

For the first time in as long as I can remember, I’ve played a game to completion.  While I’m 3 years late, I finally finished Project: Snowblind, the unofficial sequel to Deus Ex: Invisible War.  (Why unofficial?  Because when they saw the poor sales numbers of Deus Ex 2, they decided to “salvage” the project and change the assets to something generic to distance themselves from the property.)

If you’ve played the original Deus Ex but hated the sequel, you need to play Snowblind because it offers a glimpse into how the series could have dug itself out of a hole.  The first two Deus Ex games were mostly about avoiding combat; Snowblind promptly thrusts you into combat and never lets up.  Unlike the first two games, it is finally satisfying to enable invisibility, walk up to an enemy, and shotgun blast him into another timezone.

Snowblind is less than $10 for any of the three platforms it came out on; I recommend a console version because the PC version has some major glitches and no patches were ever released.

5 Responses to “Completing the trilogy”

  1. phoenix said

    hmm.. and i just finished invisible war last month. :) it wasn’t bad, it was just.. no real surprises. i still have a tall stack of games i haven’t even touched yet so it’s hard to say where snowblind would fit in.

  2. Hey, you solved Nethack too!

  3. Trixter said

    feen: There’s no real surprises in Project: Snowblind either; it was just nice to complete the series.

    Jason: True! But I’m batting two a year — not good.

    Next up: Psychonauts!

  4. Warm up those jumping fingers!

  5. Psychonauts is definitely what you wanna play. See you in a couple weeks :-)

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