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Posted by Trixter on June 12, 2006

I am pretty proud of myself when it comes to the TV situation in our house: I own a ReplayTV instead of a TiVo, so for over two years I've been able to stream shows to any PC in the house (wirelessly), can dump shows to DVD, and generally hold more programming than I have time to watch. (This functionality was only recently duplicated by an unsanctioned TiVo hack, so TiVo owners, I fart in your general direction.) I'm even proud of myself for finding a free MPEG-2 player (VLC), with not only proper 60Hz progressive display of interlaced material, but also a mod to automatically skip commercials using the ReplayTV's built-in commercial-skip metadata. So, when it comes to watching DVR shows, I'd like to think I'm pretty bad-ass.

Last night I was settling down in bed to watch shows before I hit the sack, and I pulled up DVArchive and checked the list of shows I had downloaded and waiting for me:

  • Daria
  • Doctor Who
  • Miami Vice
  • Saturday Night Live
  • The Outer Limits

All I could think was, "My god! I am such a flaming nerd!"

2 Responses to “Nerd”

  1. Matt Hite said

    I have a ReplayTV, too. I love it for the most part. I’m really glad I went with the lifetime subscription for the program data rather than the month-to-month, too! My only dings on the Replay is that it has a very slow interface and it’s pretty dang big. :)

  2. Trixter said

    You did better than me — I went with the month-to-month and now I can’t bring myself to pay the lifetime. But at least I locked in the $9 monthly rate, instead of the $13 that tivo people pay.

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