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The Great Irony

Posted by Trixter on July 26, 2015

I am very active in one area of the electronic entertainment digital archival movement.  Prior to that, I co-founded MobyGames, and prior to that, I was a major factor in getting abandonware off the ground.  For two decades, I’ve spent more time handling games than playing them.  This is the great irony of working in this field, like the composer who is so busy writing music that he doesn’t have time to listen to any new music.  It is a quick way to become myopic.

When my team won the oldskool compo at Revision, I felt like I could finally exhale and relax in my hobby time.  So, what happens when you’ve been putting off games for several years while you work on other projects?  This happens:

capture_26072015_221547 capture_26072015_221557 capture_26072015_221606 capture_26072015_221610

The game archivist finally spent 210 hours of free time playing games.  Felt really good to use those muscles again.

Now that that is out of my system, time to return to more traditional projects!  (At least, until Fallout 4 is released.)

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