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Fun for the feeble-minded

Posted by Trixter on October 26, 2014

As a teenager in the 1980s, I loved using computers, and also building things, and especially loved building things with computers.  Naturally, I adored Music Construction Set and Pinball Construction Set.  The version of Music Construction Set for the PC floating around in the wild was mine; it comes with 30+ tunes more than the original diskette had, mostly covers as I learned to use the program, or learned my music lessons, or transcribed tunes I heard on other computers (the “power bots” MCS tune should be familiar to Apple II owners).  My Pinball Construction Set tables were not as enjoyable, so they stayed with me.

The more I built my own tables, the more I wanted to see how other tables were built.  I acquired a copy of Night Mission Pinball from a friend, and played it for hours, jealous of how much more it did than PCS:  Sound was more “authentic”, more complicated scoring, better graphics.  I ended up playing it exclusively and stopped using PCS.

Unfortunately, I played it so much that the disk wore out and wouldn’t boot any more.  Worse, my friend no longer had a copy to make for me, and I was too broke to buy it proper.  What to do?

Build my own in Pinball Construction Set, obviously:


I did this from memory just from playing the original game for so many hours.  It’s not perfect, but when you compare it to the original, I think I did a pretty good job:


If you’d like to play the amateur horror that is Jim Leonard’s Night Mission Pinball, you can now do so.

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