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The IBM PCjr Exhibition Starter Kit

Posted by Trixter on October 3, 2013

I had a blast at this year’s VCFMW.  If you peruse my event photos, you’ll notice a PCjr setup in several pictures, both with and without people using them.  This was my display, which I pimped with an hour-long presentation about the history, hacking, and homebrew state of the PCjr.  I stood up three systems:  A starter (stock) system, an expanded system, and a hobbyist/homebrew system.  All had games and books and software, with original boxes and manuals.  I also laid out some cartridge games so people could see what those were like, and also some uncommon sidecars including a speech adapter and cluster adapter.  Finally, each monitor had a sign on top of it that encouraged people to TRY ME! and listed things they could do with each system.

All in all, I was pretty happy with it — and some others were too, based on the attention it got.  Some highlights:

  • Dads and sons playing Dr. J and Larry Bird go One-on-One against each other
  • A Lode Runner expert playing for over an hour through level 32 and 192,000 points until she had to leave
  • A couple of friends completing King’s Quest (using an iphone to download maps and hints)
  • The guy who made Coverfire (Crossfire clone) playing the original Crossfire on cartridge, like he had 30 years ago

People using the systems and asking questions was exactly what I was hoping for.

Missed the show?  Want to stand up an exhibit of your own?  Not to worry!  I’ve made all of my presentation and exhibition materials available under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.  You are free to use those materials if you’d like to put on a similar presentation.  The 1-hour presentation slides, unprotected disk images for some games, signs I made for each setup, and even a PCjr button and t-shirt design are there if you truly want to nerd out.

Bill of materials

Starter system: 128k PCjr, no sidecars, wireless chiclet keyboard, two joysticks

Expanded system: Racore 2nd-drive expansion, 640k, wired “pro” PCjr keyboard (the later model), two joysticks.  (Optional: NEC V20 CPU, Tandy 1000 graphcs hardware mod)

Hobbyist system: jrIDE sidecar (adds hard drive via an 8GB IDE DOM, 768K RAM, clock), parallel-port sidecar with xircom PE3 adapter connected to the internet, IBM 83-key keyboard connected via a Racore adapter


I copied some software to diskettes (that I wouldn’t care if someone walked away with them) to demonstrate the starter and expanded setups:

  • Super Boulderdash
  • Jumpman
  • Dr. J and Larry Bird go One on One
  • Music Construction Set
  • Pinball Construction Set
  • Flight Simulator v2.12 (v2.13 has a bug if you try to use expanded memory)
  • Touchdown Football
  • King’s Quest (original PCjr booter)

These game choices were carefully considered and deliberate:

  • All of these were bootable disks that didn’t require any DOS — just insert the disk and turn on the system.
  • They all have support for PCjr graphics, sound, or both (Touchdown Football even talks!).
  • They support gameplay through joysticks which means there is no learning curve in figuring out the keyboard commands

I felt they showed off the “best intentions” of the PCjr while keeping user learning/confusion to a minimum.


To flesh out the display, I added many more materials: PCjr magazines, books, and original boxed PCjr-specific versions of software (Lotus 1-2-3, Wordstar, Typing Tutor III, Andrew Tobias Managing Your Money, others).  I wanted users to get a sense of what personal computing was like back in the 1980s and I felt the additional materials helped.  On more than one occasion people were flipping through the magazines, either looking for names they knew, or mocking some of the advertisements :-)

Here’s what it all looked like when completed:

1-20130927_184813 2-20130927_184819 3-20130927_184825

I will eventually be putting almost two hours of PCjr materials on youtube in a series of videos, but until then, enjoy the starter kit.

5 Responses to “The IBM PCjr Exhibition Starter Kit”

  1. Roy Jacobs said

    This is an absolutely awesome display. Well done.

  2. Bruno said

    Just.. awesome!!! Nice work!

  3. Jonathan said

    That’s an impressive display. I’ve used an Original PC and a Portable PC, but I don’t think I have ever seen a Jr. in-person.

    Could you perhaps say a few words about the “Tandy 1000 graphcs hardware mod” for the Jr.?

  4. […] of this, I’ve evangelized the PCjr, given extended PCjr history presentations, and even set up comprehensive PCjr exhibits. So you could say I’m a PCjr […]

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