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Vintage Computer Festival Midwest 8.0

Posted by Trixter on September 15, 2013

Only two weeks away until the VCFMW and I’m very much looking forward to it.  I will be giving a longer presentation on the PCjr than I gave at @party (which was rushed and had a lot of stuff cut out due to all @party presentations being limited to 30 minutes), and I will have two or three PCjrs set up for exhibition and public use.  These will all be functional and have software and manuals and other materials to peruse, so if you’ve ever wanted to do stuff like play the original King’s Quest on the hardware it was designed for, stop on by.

If you’ve never been, it’s a small-to-medium affair that is roughly half “Commodore convention” and half “everything else convention”.  It is smaller and much less formal than VCF East but there is a lot more hacking and swapping and trading going on.  Admission is FREE.  Tables for exhibiting or selling are FREE.   If you are anywhere near Lombard, IL at the end of the month you have no excuse to miss it.

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