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PCjr talk cancelled

Posted by Trixter on April 18, 2013

Our basement flooded due to Illinois floodrains. I will not be traveling to notacon; there will be no PCjr talk this weekend.


4 Responses to “PCjr talk cancelled”

  1. Alkivar said

    egads man… I hope nothing of value was lost in the flood… good luck on the cleanup!

    • Trixter said

      The damage to the vintage collection was thankfully minimal; the only real casualties were about 50 3.5″ disks I created in my BBS days, 25 boxed Amiga NTSC games :-( and an A3000. The damage to the basement was worse; we lost the carpet and couch, and are hoping to save the walls.

      There are some people in Chicagoland who had their basements fully furnished that are now under 6 feet of water, so I feel fortunate.

  2. VileR said

    Urgh, that sucks. :-/ Best of luck getting everything under control!
    If you ever find the time, perhaps you could salvage your work towards that PCjr presentation in a different form… something like your AT&T PC6300 retrospective video?

    • Trixter said

      The PCjr talk has already been rescheduled for the Vintage Computer Festival Midwest (vcfmw.org) in late 2013. The Harlem Shake references will be removed before then ;-)

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