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LZ4 on the 8088: One small drop

Posted by Trixter on February 9, 2013

I thought I had squeezed every drop of blood from the stone that is LZ4 decompression on the 8088, but with some help from Peter Ferrie and Terje Mathisen, we’ve managed to improve the decompression speed by another 1%.  1% may seem laughable, but believe me, it’s quite an accomplishment if you followed my previous 3-part series on optimizing for the 8088.

In addition to even faster code, I thought it would be interesting to see how small an LZ4 decompressor could get, so with Peter’s help we managed to come up with a version of the code that trades speed for size.  It’s 30% slower on average, but it compiles to only 78 bytes.

The downloads section of the LZ4_8088 website has been updated to contain both versions in the single .zip file.

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