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MindCandy Volume 3 Is Now Available

Posted by Trixter on November 22, 2011

After 4 years of hard work and many setbacks, I’m very pleased to announce that MindCandy Volume 3 is finally available.

The official launch date is December 6th, however the first shipments will be going out to people who pre-ordered as early as Friday of this week.  You can order directly from us, from a reseller in your hemisphere, or from Amazon.

I’d like to thank the entire MindCandy crew past and present for getting “that  demodvd project” to this point.  From capturing some clips of a Capacala demo in 1996, to a professional Blu-ray in 2011 with over 3.5 hours of demos and 7 hours of extras, it’s been a long great ride.

And special thanks to my family, for putting up with me and my hobby :-)

12 Responses to “MindCandy Volume 3 Is Now Available”

  1. maz said

    Congrats Jim, MC3 looks and feels great!

  2. Nuskool said

    Excellent news… already pre-ordered with Maz :)

  3. Visa-Valtteri "visy" Pimiä said

    Will you make the raw video files available for download, encoded with x264 for example?

    • Trixter said

      Not for the forseeable future, no. Where you thinking this project was provided under a Creative Commons license? Besides, the Blu-ray is 46 GiB (50 GB), it’s not exactly practical to upload/download. And the raw video and project files are nearly 3 terabytes.

      If you can’t play the Blu-ray and don’t have a system capable of running demos, check out the Watch Online section at the MindCandy 3 website; it lists several places where you can watch demos online for free.

  4. [maven] said

    Excellent job on the Blu-Ray; in spite of years of training in recognizing compression artifacts, Mind Candy 3 looks as crystal-clear as can be. Thanks!

    • Trixter said

      And yet, if you look closely at the high-bitrate sections while the video is paused, you can see some. There are places where I hit the limit of 40mbps for the video stream. Most of the demo Vokawardoai, for example. But since it’s a noisy demo that’s always in motion, you’d be hard to see them during normal viewing.

      Thanks for the kind words — as a wavelet coder to a fellow compressionist (I’ve been working with digital video since 1994), it means a lot, thanks.

  5. Awesome! Ordered and waiting with bated breath :-)

  6. Gerry said

    I just received my copy of MC3 yesterday :-). I’ll take time on the next weekend to enjoy the results of your hard work.

    Thanks for bringing the MC3 project to a successful end.

  7. Stefan Kastenmüller said

    Thanks a lot for this great MC3 DVD!!
    I like it so much!!
    There is much Power include!!!


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