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MindCandy Volume 3 sent to replicators

Posted by Trixter on October 14, 2011

After 3+ years of setbacks, MindCandy 3 was sent to the replicators ths morning.  Assuming there are no further issues, we should be shipping at the end of the month!

Update: As corrected by Dan, pre-orders before Black Friday and launch in December.  Assuming no problems at the replicator, of course.

6 Responses to “MindCandy Volume 3 sent to replicators”

  1. Alkivar said

    Congrats! Must feel nice to finally have it out the door and completed.

  2. Mazal tov! Waiting with baited breath :-)

  3. Alexandre said

    YEAH!!! FINALLY!! CONGRATULATIONS TRIXTER!! Can´t wait to put my hands on this!!

  4. Dan W said

    Jim, don’t say end of month! We expect it to ship to “us” by the end of the month (all goes well) then to pre-orders before Black Friday and launch in December.

  5. Herp Derp said

    I’m ready to give you my money, sir.

  6. Alexandre said

    My preorder has been placed in Amazon.com
    Yeeeeaaaaa!!! \o/

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