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Vintage Computer Festival Midwest 5.0 Pix

Posted by Trixter on September 19, 2010

I’ve had very little time to play with old machinery this year, but I did manage to visit the VCF Midwest 5.0 this year.  It was hard to avoid, being as it was held about 25 minutes from my house.

Seeing as this was combined with the yearly local Commodore 64 fest, it was a bit of a double-fest. Jim Brain was there, and I also had a nice conversation with Nate Lawson who educated me on the finer points of how BD+ does and does not work. MC3 will intentionally use as little protection as possible, but the 16-yr-old cracker in me still likes hearing about the details.

I couldn’t arrive until 9pm, but most of the exhibits were still up.  I took pictures with my 9-yr-old 4MP “prosumer” camera, and was mildly happy with how they turned out.  Enjoy:

Vintage Computer Festival Midwest 5.0

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